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About Plymouth Repair from Brad's

Brad's Appliance Service now services Plymouth, WI! I have vast experience dating back over 20 years. I worked for Quality Appliance in Sheboygan for much of that time. During the course of my tenure at Quality Appliance I have serviced just about every appliance brand you can find in Plymouth. During my tenure at Quality Appliance, I graduated Milwaukee Area Technical College for Appliance Service. I am also Factory Trained from Whirlpool and Electrolux (Frigidaire) companies.

I always wanted to start own my own business, on September 1, 2016 I started Brad's Appliance Service, LLC. Since then I have expanded moving into surrounding cities, servicing Plymouth along with other markets. Appliances are very expensive, if you keep them maintained they will run for a long time before requiring replacement.

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Oven / Range Repair

Plymouth Stove and Range Repair

You invite your sweetie over for dinner. This time you're going to impress with your mom's favorite oven baked recipe. You crack a bottle of wine, the mood is right. The dinnger goes off on the oven, it's preheated, time to start baking your delicious dish. You open the door anticipating that warm blast of air, but instead, cold and empty. Your oven is broke. CALL BRAD! We can fix your oven better and faster than anyone in Plymouth.


Plymouth Refrigerator Repair

Plymouth Refrigerator Repair

Keep it running! No appliance can cost you more in losses when it fails. Lost food, extra cleanup, and lost money, refrigerator failure is not a good thing. We can keep your refrigerator running and repair most problems lickety split. Contact Brad's Appliance Service, LLC for answers!


Plymouth Dishwasher Repair

Plymouth Dishwasher Repair

Of all appliances that need repair, the dishwasher is the one you can live without but really don't want to. Fortunately dishwashers are relatively basic devices, until something rusts or forms a hole, it can usually be repaired. So if you find yourself in your kitchen staring at a puddle on the floor, call Brad's Appliance Service, LLC. to get it fixed!


Plymouth Washer Repair

Plymouth Wash Machine Repair Details

Don't get your undies in a bundle... or maybe you should. Afterall if your wash machine is broken about all your undies can be is in a bundle. Sometimes it's an odd clog, others the water thingy is broken (ok I don't really call it that). I can stop out and have your wash machine working, so you can keep your family's clothes fresh and clean.


Plymouth Dryer Repair

Plymouth Dryer Repair Details

Sure you can hang your clothes to dry them, but your house gets musty. Winters in Plymouth can be harsh, so it's often not practical. For this reason people buy dryers... and unfortunately dryers fail. But that's ok I can repair your broken dryer and have your clothes dry and static free (assuming you use a dryer sheet ;) ) .


Quality Appliance Plymouth

Quality Appliance Plymouth Repair Services Detail

Have I mentioned Quality Appliance? I keep bringing it up for good reason. For many decades people have turned to quality appliance in Plymouth to buy and service their appliances. For many of those many decades I was the service technician behind Quality Appliance. So yeah, when it comes to service there is no difference between Brad's Appliance Service, LLC. and Quality Appliance. There might be an added benefit to you. Since I'm detatched from the sale I can recommend a high quality appliance that I really believe is best for you, not what I'm told to sell.